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clovert [userpic]

[Fanart] Subway + Sunflower + Summary

September 25th, 2010 (12:02 am)

School started but it's been really slow for my program for some reason O_o, so had some time to draw....
XDDD  Here's the latest yamajima spam.

(Click to enlarge)

We all know yama-chan does this a lot ^^

Rush hour XDDDDDDD


Summary 2010

clovert [userpic]

July TV Guide - Happy family pic XDDDDD

July 3rd, 2010 (11:43 am)

I really can't help but post this up XDDDDD
This is such a couple pic if you just kinda block Chinen out....LOL
Yama-chan has the best/sweetest expressions when he's next to Yuto-kun~~~

Credits: MoMozzz (baidu Yamada Ryosuke thread)

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August Myojo -- Yamajima talk

June 24th, 2010 (09:03 pm)

Hello everyone~ XD
I really shouldn't be posting at this time but I can't help it, cus it's Yamajima.
Two months ago I think, in the Myojo cellphone poll thingy, the fans voted Yuto as #1 for the person that ppl want yama-chan to have a talk with... sooooooo here it is!
Fangirl fantasies aside, after reading this article, I really think they have a strong friendship.

Credits to: MoMozzz (baidu bar Yamada Ryosuke)

Again, my jap is not incredible so I'm only gonna list the key points they've talked about~ but I'll be happy if someone wants to translate it.

- Yama-chan said that the first time he met Yuto was during his audition, when the programme ended, Yuto walked out and came up to Yama-chan and said "let's go home together" (so many different versions of this, i thought it was during seishun amigo, but apparently not? O_o) Yama-chan still remembered that Yuto had a giant backpack.

- Yuto said that they used to talk about a lot of things with each other and that he remembered when Yama-chan told him that he wanted to quit Johnnys. Cus at the time Yuto got into JJexpress, and Yama-chan didn't so it was painful for him. Then Yuto commented that because Yama-chan was always performing beside him and still didn't got in, after he heard what Yama-chan said, he felt really down as well.

- Apparently it was Yuto who invited Yama-chan to Hawaii. Yuto said that originally Yama-chan wasn't supposed to be one of the juniors who would go, but because Yuto wanted them to go together, so he invited Yama-chan. And because at the time Yama-chan didn't have his passport yet, they delayed the Hawaii trip for 1 week because of that. (I really wonder how important/top Yuto was at the time O_o, they actually brought along Yama-chan just cus he asked?!?!?!?!)

- They only really fought once, and it started because of a stupid reason. A spot on Yuto's body hurt that day and Yama-chan slapped hard on the spot, and then Yuto snapped. (I think this was the famous Yuto's famous "i'll turn you into a roast pig" fight)

- Yama-chan said that even though there is no senpai - kouhai gap between them right now, he still respects Yuto, and therefore still calls him "Yuto-kun" (unlike everyone else) and that even if the ppl of the same age thought that it was weird, to him it's natural like brushing his teeth.

- Yuto said that he's really happy that Yama-chan calls him by that, because it feels like he's being depended on. He said that he understands more than anyone that Yama-chan works really hard. And that even when he had the mic and Yama-chan was backdancing with other juniors, Yama-chan shines the most.

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Yamajima + Ryuchi babies XDDDD

June 14th, 2010 (03:40 am)

XDD I was too bored... but OI!!!! Yamajima's baby is way too cute to be legal isn't it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

older ver

teen ( XDD looks more like yuto if anything)

Bonus: Ryuchi's kid XDDDD

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XD The Reason Why I Love Duet

June 5th, 2010 (01:15 am)

>< Last two weeks I've put everything aside for Anime North, so I didn't update anything or post anything... I'll get back to drawing that pic soon.

On  the other hand~~ XDDDD I love how Duet's becoming like the Yamajima supporting magazine. Pictures first again, credits to: MoMozzz [Yamada Ryosuke thread on Baidu]

click to enlarge
click to enlarge
click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Again, my japanese's not that great so I'm just gonna provide a rough translation, but if someone wants to translate them then go ahead~  ^^

Yama-chan's individual article:

One of the topic was travelling/tour, and as expected XD Yama-chan talked about the Hawaii trip with Yuto and how in Jr. they were the only 2 who stayed for the full 10 days.

Yuto's individual article:

Of course, XD  if Yama-chan talked about Hawaii, then Yuto will have to as well. He mentioned how during the plane ride it was really shaky and they could see lightning outside  window. "Yabai, is it going to fall?" and he clasped hands with Yama-chan who was sitting beside him. (he mentioned the same thing on HS7 Ultra Power radio show with Chinen last time XDDDD) 


Message from Nakajima: Even though it's said that we're(born) the same year, but I was the one who entered the Jimusho first. I miss how you used to call "Yuto-kun, Yuto-kun", lately it's not like that at all. Yama-chan, you've became unfaithful ('uwaki', i can't find a better term~ XDDDD ) haven't you? With Dai-chan and Keito. 



They were talking about rain and Chinen said lately Yuto's been having a lot of things to regret about, like how he saw the weather report and knew it was going to rain but he still forgot to put his umbrella in his bag.
Yuri: Ah, too bad (laugh),
Yuto: That's why, today, when we came to the studio from school, I went under Yama-chan's umbrella.
Yuri: Sometimes you would come under my umbrella too.
Yuto: Un. If I go under Chi's umbrella then I would have to hold it. It would be troublesome if Chi has to stretch to hold it up.
Yuri: How about today? (When you went under Yama-chan's umbrella.)
Yuto: I held it up. (laugh)

Yuri: You did ne. (laugh)

It's not much but the image is just too cute~~~ XDDDDDDD

clovert [userpic]

Their Story

May 16th, 2010 (04:08 pm)
current song: Super Junior - Your Eyes

Title: Their Story
Author: clovert
Pairing: yamajima
Rating: PG
Summary: He left, just like that.
A/N: I have so many fics I need to finish but I couldn't stop myself from writing this one (XDD thanks to the new Suju album and their sad songs). I don't like reading sad stories let alone write one, but I did anyway. It's the first time I write in this style too, so it might be kinda messy cus everything's just... implied instead of there. I hope ppl will get the story XDDDD. If anyone wants to throw something at this author, rotten tomatoes accepted, but no rocks though, cus then there would be blood. XDDDDD

He left.Collapse )

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Uruwashi no Bad Boy ~ 03 ~

May 12th, 2010 (10:00 pm)

Title: Uruwashi no Bad Boy
Author: clovert
Pairing: Yamajima
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's only been one week since he transferred here, and honest to god he doesn't try to make enemies. But somehow, SOMEHOW, he'd managed to become somebody's major eyesore.
A/N: This was inspired by: The non-smiling Yuto XDDD, and too much One Pound Gospel, Nobuta wo Produce + Scrap Teacher.

Previous Chapters: 
~ 01 ~
~ 02 ~

~ 03 ~

Someone was yelling.Collapse )

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Yamajima in June's Issue of Duet

May 8th, 2010 (04:41 pm)

Yes there's actually a lack of Yamajima on pictures but the content in this issue just PWNS!!!!
I'll just post the pictures first~~ credits to: MoMozzz [Yamada Ryosuke thread on Baidu]

Here are the articles in question XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Sorry I'm not really awesome at Japanese so I can only provide a rough translation, but if anyone wants to translate it, please feel free to.

Yuto's page, the question was "when do you think you're different from everyone else?"
Yuto said that he's has a 'scent fetish', and likes the smell of the hats people wear. And he thinks that the best scent is Yama-chan's knitted hat because the mix between Yama-chan's scent and his shampoo scent make him feel calm. When he sees Yama-chan taking off his hat he will unconsciously sniff it like a puppy.

XDDDD So THAT'S why he knows Yama-chan's hair smell nice....


Yama-chan commented that Yuto looks like a model student, but then complained about his 'air drum' on the train (OMG XD THEY STILL RIDE THE TRAIN BACK HOME TOGETHER), and asked him to stop it. Yuto replied that because he's listening to music so he can't help it sometimes, but since Yama-chan said it, then he'll stop.

And then Yama-chan asked if Yuto still remember the incident when they were in Hawaii (WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN FOR THEM IN HAWAII!?!?!?!?) , when they were in the bath together, and Yama-chan stayed too long (felt dizzy) and fell. And then he saw his grandpa, who passed away, reached out a hand to him and help him up. Yama-chan even said "thank you, ojii-chan", but in reality it was actually Yuto who helped him up. Yuto replied that he remembered it ( = = they seem to remember a lot of things from Hawaii), and said maybe because Yama-chan's grandpa was too worried about him so he borrowed Yuto's body.

These two and Hawaii!! XDDDDDD If they're getting married, they're going to get married there, I swear!!
I've been reading their Yokohama Arena REPOs from fans as well~~ XD apparently there's a lot of Yamajima spotting in there too, I'm currently drawing something for it~~ hopefully have it posted up soon.

clovert [userpic]

[Fanart] Chinen: On the Wind

May 4th, 2010 (02:05 pm)

This pic was part of the daily chibi challenge i just started with my friend on my dA. Unfortunately, it was kind of a rushed job.... ^^~
I've always loved Chinen's solo at their debut concert~~ I thought his voice there was awesome and it sounded so innocent, such a cute song!

Extra: XD Just did a little chibi of Ryuu-chan today too~~~ (sorry i'm still trying to get his features down)

clovert [userpic]

[Fanart] Konban~NU~~~~

April 25th, 2010 (01:48 am)

Hey Say 7 Ultra Power

"These 3 months, it seems that Yuto-kun has been using 'Konban NU' instead of 'Konban wa'. 'Nu' doesn't really have a meaning, but when I ask him why he uses it, he said that it was a mistake."

And when Chinen said to change it, you insisted that he use Konban NU?!?!!!!!

"KONBAN NU~~ HS7 no Yamada Ryosuke desu!"

GJ!! Please keep on using it~~~~ <3