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clovert [userpic]

Hey!Say!JUMP Fanfic Post

January 6th, 2011 (09:20 pm)

On-going Series:

Title: Uruwashi no Bad Boy
~ 01 ~
~ 02 ~
~ 03 ~

One Shots + Drabbles:

Title: Kazamidori
I couldn't remember the number of years I've been having the same dream. )

Title: Their Story
He left. )

Title: Hero
Sometimes Ryuutarou would think, maybe his role in life was to become someone else's extra. )

Title: Painkiller
He knew from the beginning, when Yama-chan showed him the script, that watching Hidarime was going to be a bad idea. )

Title: You
~ Ryosuke side ~ It almost didn't come as a surprise when Yuto confessed to him.  )
~ Yuto side ~         ( Now that he looked back, he was certain )

Title: I don't like you
I said I don't like you. )

Title: Best Friend
lately our relationship resembles that of a couple )

Title: Height
Yamada-kun seem to be really sensitive about height )