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[Fanart] Ai-ing + Onmyouji Yuto

April 25th, 2011 (10:43 pm)

Haven't been posting cus I had been lazy and swarmed with school work. Will probably get more time to draw now tho.
Not cross-posting also due to laziness, but thanks to those of you who's been visiting ^^

愛ING! Yuto! XDDD That dance seriously reminds me of sailor moon live action for some reason! MUAHAHAHAHA And I crack up whenever Yuto did this move LOL.

Onmyouji!Yuto: From the story that I'm... writing(still writing... and lagging in progress).... for my friend. XD It actually goes with the Shimeji Yama-chan I've made(which is F-locked).


Posted by: Jay (daintyxdoll)
Posted at: April 26th, 2011 05:51 am (UTC)

ohhhh they look really nice!

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